ASTA Certification - Full type test

UL type tested industrial control panel

SMECorp Enterprise 50 Quality Award

SME100 Awards

ISO 9001:2008 UKAS

ISO 9001:2008 Malaysia Standards

Malaysia Switchboard Manufacturer



Company Services

Assembling distribution board


Switchboard Design and Manufacture

All types of Electrical Switchboard

MSB / SSB / DB / AMF Board / Air-Cond Board

PLC Control Systems

MCC Starters Panel



To refurbate low voltage switchgear assemblies
To change bus bar system and changeover switch on-site
To calibrate protection relays like over current and earth fault
To supply parts and service for low voltage switchgear assemblies.


HVAC/ACMV Design, Installation and Services - Air-Conditioning System Repair/Services


Metal Fabrication - Punching, bending, laser and plasma cutting on sheet metal plates.


Stainless Steel Fabrication - Kitchen equipment, Gates, Grill, Table, Rack,..


Protection relays EF/OC calibration such as primary injection test and secondary injection test. This include testing for earth fault relay, overcurrent relay and earth leakage relay.