ASTA Certification - Full type test

UL type tested industrial control panel

SMECorp Enterprise 50 Quality Award

SME100 Awards

ISO 9001:2008 UKAS

ISO 9001:2008 Malaysia Standards

Malaysia Switchboard Manufacturer




Our company is one of the leading switchboard manufacturer in Malaysia. Working at Grand Spektra can be a very exciting experience for many new employees. We have adopted a very casual approach when it comes to employee interaction and communication. Being a high growth, high performance company, we have strong heritage values of trust, respect, teamwork, focus and accountability. Grand Spektra provides opportunities for growth, flexibility, innovation and development in an environment that rewards employees for their contributions.

Latest Job Opportunities 2018


Sales Engineer @ Kuala Lumpur / Johor Bahru

- with diploma/degree qualification
- minimum 5 years of working experience
- must have strong networking
- willing to travel and have own transport


Metal Fabricator @ Kuantan Factory

- minimum 1 years of working experience


Wireman @ Kuantan Factory

- minimum 1 years of working experience


Please email your Resume/CV to : admin @